Turn and run, nothing is working.

It’s been too long since this space has been filled. Starting off, I recently returned from “the land of smiles” (Note the apostrophe used for that phrase – it was meant to be sarcastic). The only smile that lasted on my face was when I visited my aquatic friends.
Away with the skepticism, Bangkok was truly an eye-opener due to the prominent culture shift from Singapore. The conclusion I could draw from this trip was how citizens there looked genuinely happy with their way of life, something that we all can (and should) learn.
Aside from that, my final year assignments have come to an end. After half a year of slogging it out, the end results were certainly unexpected; and expected.
On and forward with internship, thereafter marking the end of this learning journey.

And the start of many things new.

Bad Past Gone Away


It’s has been a rather fruitful and eventful 3-month-long interlude. A lot has changed in retrospect. Gladly it’s not negative of any sorts. Time spent with friends, family and especially my other half are the only plausible scenarios I see myself in the near, and far future. Through the passage of time, everything has become crystal clear. Amidst all the disorder I used to find peace in, it has become definite now that all I want to do is strip down every detail to the bare minimum.


It’s been a long time since I’ve set foot into proper civilization. Getting more used to settling down with just the company of 1 albeit the occasional-getting-more-frequent pining of company of my old friends. It’s been 2 months of settling down to a different lifestyle. I might have gotten the hang of it but I’d be thrilled with the idea of incorporating remnants of the old one into what I have now.
On the bright side, the long finally awaited Laneway came to an end. It wasn’t as stunning as I wished it would/ could have been. Well I got to see Mount Kimbie and little parts of XXYXX which left me satisfied.
Man, I really do miss some of the old times.

Is that alright

Merry Christmas Eve ☺︎
I hope everyone’s going to have a good time from now till the start of 2014, instead of the usual catchy jingly tunes of Christmas, I would very much prefer immersing myself in the top songs of my other half and my very own.
Here’s to a great Christmas and New Year to all of you, and I hope you all are/ will have a blast of a time!!!! ♡♡♡


Back from the land of Taiyaki and despite a short 4-day there, it was maximized with endless walking and shopping that did not leave me tired. Weather there was too cool to feel my own fingers and toes albeit the complementing hot sun that made everything better.
Now I’m back here in Sunny +65 in the company of the love of my life and I can’t wait for the following days to be filled with love and excitement.


Always will be


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As so, the most unexpected things, the worst things and lastly, the best things have happened to me this year with the occasional glances at the calender telling me it’s already December.
It’s only been a month since I’ve made my last appearance and I successfully tackled all forms of assignments that has piled up for me to do. I met a guy, and he’s all I ever asked for (and most probably this is the umpteenth time you’ve heard me say that), with the mindset that’s been developed over this year, I’m really glad that he carries me and gives me life, have me covered in all aspects, showing and emphasizing daily that I’m always worth more than what I think I am.
Without leaving out the company of friends, there’s a make-you-weak-at-your-knees feeling knowing that you’re going to spend time with them, no matter how long or short. As what my other half told me “There are friends who stick with you through only the fun times, and those that you should really keep close to when you’re at your worst”. You sub-consciously have a self realization that the friends you thought you matter the most to you won’t give you back double of the mileage that you invest in them even though you think that they would, but when you look back, it’s always been you and only you going through everything at the expense of their convenience.
Looking forward to the days with happiness and a sense of peace, and I hope this would last despite the short spouts of emotional vomit, like now.

On your mark


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Finally have the chance to sit myself down on a normal day and listen to relentless good music and having sinful indulges while tuning in to the shows that I’ve put off for quite some time.

Fashion week has finally come to an end and I must say albeit the waiting time and the short rush-hour moments, I was elated at getting the chance to work there, with every show adding more and more respect to the dedication and passion these designers have towards their clothes. It’s funny somehow that people see clothes as something to cover up the most intimate parts of their body but in the long-run when I’ve been exposed to so many mediums, they joy and the insights of just the term “clothes” have so much more meaning to just the superficial definition to it.

School’s been a mess and a wreck and I have myself thinking over and over whether admitting myself into an Art’s school earlier would have been the best choice for me for I cannot stand the incessant and unnecessary bickering going along that sickens me to the depths of my bones. I thank the seven seas for always having friends that feed me mouthfuls of reassurance like hot water and honey, and having us spending time with each other all the time makes me feel what it’s like to finally have someplace to always want to return to.

A Sanctuary.

You Should Fall For Someone Who Doesn’t Love You

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

It occurred to me the other day that there might be people in this world who have never known unrequited love, have never fallen for someone who didn’t fall too.

I know it’s rarer than a solar eclipse, but it seems likely that some have managed it; people who married their high school sweetheart, who got it right on the first try, who were seemingly born with enough innate confidence to walk right up to the object of their affection and say, “I think you’re great, would you like to go on a date sometime” and whose confidence was rewarded with a resolute, “Absolutely, I’d love to” and a Happily Ever After. The rest of us would be inclined to murder a couple like this if we ever came across them, but I maintain that they are the ones who are missing out. Everyone should fall for someone who doesn’t…

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Monolith Prep

Been fully utilizing my last 2 weeks of holidays to the fullest by traveling out of town for a day to have food that leaves an unforgettable aftertaste in my mouth, and having the best Malaysian boy (I don’t know how else to address him) pick me up from the customs and bringing me to places he think I would like. And I really did, step my foot into a cafe where I can surely say that there aren’t cafes of such that we can ever find in Singapore.
Had the honor of working backstage at Fidé Fashion Week that was held in MBS, was lucky enough to see icons such as Rain and G-Dragon (saw him rehearsing and perform live). But besides all that, I got up close ad personal to all the apparel of worldly acclaimed brands ranging from punk to dapper to chic, all of the pieces swept me off my feet to the very last details without leaving any mercy for imperfections. The most recent show was the one that left me wide-eyed was how Dapper Style was not just consisting of a shirt, trousers and blazers but layering everything of different textiles to create the most amazing ensemble I would never have imagined. Some outfits consisted of 12 pieces of clothing that were decked onto each other layer by layer to complement each other and making it wearable, not just for runway purposes.
School’s starting and it’s a mixture of feelings of reluctance and exuberance for I would be able to see all the familiar faces and heading out with the usuals on cafe-hopping escapades and food hunts. Cannot fathom the amount of workload that would pile up this Semester. The thought of it just sends me reeling back in fear.


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